Sentinel-5P Downloader

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The sentinel5dl project consists of a library and a command line tool which provide easy access to emission data products originating from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-5P satellite.


Install this library using:

%> pip install sentinel5dl

Quick Example (Library)

from sentinel5dl import search, download

# Search for Sentinel-5 products
result = search(
        polygon='POLYGON((7.8 49.3,13.4 49.3,13.4 52.8,7.8 52.8,7.8 49.3))',

# Download found products to the local folder

Quick Example (Binary)

Download carbon monoxide sensor data taken between 2019-01-08 and 2019-01-20 to the directory /data using eight workers (eight parallel downloads):

sentinel5dl --worker 8 \
            --begin-ts 2019-01-08 \
            --end-ts 2019-01-20 \

To show all available options, run:

sentinel5dl -h

Python API

Sentinel-5P Downloader

sentinel5dl.ca_info = None

Path to Certificate Authority (CA) bundle. If this is set, the value is passed to CURLOPT_CAINFO. If not set, this option is by default set to the system path where libcurl’s cacert bundle is assumed to be stored, as established at build time. If this is not already supplied by your operating system, certifi provides an easy way of providing a cabundle., output_dir='.')

Download a set of products via API.

  • products – List with product information (e.g. retrieved via search). The list needs to contain dictionaries which must at least have the fields uuid and identifier.

  • output_dir – Directory to which the files will be downloaded.

sentinel5dl.logger = <Logger sentinel5dl (WARNING)>

Logger used by sentinel5dl. Use this to specifically modify the libraries log level like this:

sentinel5dl.logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG), begin_ts=None, end_ts=None, product=None, processing_level='L2', processing_mode=None, per_request_limit=25)

Search for products via API.

  • polygon – WKT polygon specifying an area the data should intersect

  • begin_ts – Datetime specifying the earliest sensing date

  • end_ts – Datetime specifying the latest sensing date

  • product – Type of product to request

  • processing_level – Data processing level (L1B or L2)

  • processing_mode – Data processing mode (Offline, Near real time or Reprocessing)

  • per_request_limit – Limit number of results per request


Dictionary containing information about found products